Technical Conference 2015

NNL's second Technical Conference took place in April 2015. The annual conference forms a key part of the strategy to showcase and raise NNL’s scientific and technical profile and demonstrate capability to both an external and internal audience. The programme featured extensive technical contributions from the NNL businesses and the corporate research and development programme. The presentation of the NNL BEST Award took place during the conference and a technical poster competition was also included in the programme. Led by Chief Scientist Andrew Sherry and by NNL’s Chief Technologists, the packed programme featured defined sessions in each of the NNL business areas. Chief Technologists manage and support the expansion of NNL’s technical leadership and capability. 

Copies of all the posters and presentations can be viewed and downloaded using the links below:


3D Printing
Accident Tolerant Fuels
Box Encapsulation Plant Robots
Criticality Response
Sludge Sampler Validation
Nuclear Robotics
Robot Simulation
Pyroprocessing in NNL
Safety, Security and Safeguards
Quantified Risk Assessment
Validity Range of the Meissner Activity Coefficient Model used in MULTEQ
Pilot Plant Operations
Modelling Radiolysis of Methyl Iodide in the Gas Phase
Nitric Acid Chemistry and Radiolysis
Design of Gamma Scanner for Post Irradiation Evaluation
Long-term Corrosion of a Magnesium Alloy: Are Passive Films Really Passive?
Modelling the Dissolution of Vitrified HLW
Delivery of Technical Programme to Support BEP
The Effects of Organic Matter on Radionuclide Speciation in Legacy Fuel Storage Ponds
Ultrafine Bubbles (Nano Bubbles)
NNL's Approach to the Treatment of Mixed Wastes and Residues
Organic Waste and Residue Treatment at NNL's Preston Laboratory
Freeze Technology


Development of a GANEX flowsheet for co-separation of transuranic elements
Project X: Automated radiochemical separation system
Development of advanced aqueous recycling options for future closed fuel cycles
Development work in safety and risk management
Evaporating uncertainty - HALES evaporator lifetime assessment
Nuclear reactors in space
Developing fuels with enhanced accident tolerance
Uranic residue treatment
Colloidal processes in SIXEP streams
Characterisation and monitoring to support POCO in High Level Waste Plants and Thorp
Post Irradiation Evaluation: An overview and case study
Effluent technology development - the ELENDES process
Post Irradiation Evaluation of Fuel at NNL Windscale Laboratory
BEP Robots project
Overview of NIRAB