Science and Technology Conference 2017


NNL's Science and Technology Conference - SciTec 2017 - took place beneath the wings of Concorde at Manchester Airport. 

You can view the brochure, including the full programme, here

One feature was a series of TEKTalks - short, punchy talks on a range of subjects including robotics, space and nuclear waste!

Matthew Barker talks about experimenting on irradiated nuclear fuel at NNL's Windscale Laboratory

Lorraine McDermott talks about the increasing importance of Robotics in the nuclear industry. 

Steve Stanley talks about the importance of collaboration.

Tom Carey presents on UK legacy waste and decommissioning. 

Zara Hodgson talks about Life, the Universe and Everything! Includes a sneak preview at NNL's new space film. 

Tamara Griffiths talks about the importance of lasers in the nuclear industry.  

David Hambley talks about how to deal with spent nuclear fuel from around the globe. 

Reuben Holmes talks on how we communicate with people about the nuclear industry.

Brendan Perry talks about the simulation of complex nuclear systems. 

Qasim Kapasi talks about the increasingly important use of virtual reality in the nuclear industry