UK Involvement

The House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology made a number of recommendations in its report on Nuclear R&D Capabilities in 2011, one of which was to develop a nuclear R&D 'roadmap'. In response, the Government developed such a roadmap as part of its new Nuclear Industry Strategy published in March 2013. Within the portfolio of strategy documents published were a number of key guiding statements noting, in particular, that international collaboration was important for future nuclear energy R&D and that the UK will have access to facilities that enable R&D across the whole fuel cycle, from manufacturing to irradiation to PIE.

JHR offers longer term access to an irradiation facility that will underpin the Government’s commitment to continue R&D in advanced fuel and reactor types, including Gen IV and fast reactors.

Quotes from UK Government nuclear strategy reports:

“The UK Government and industry has a clear vision for the UK nuclear industry to be a ‘top table’ nuclear nation, working in international partnerships leading the direction of future technology advances across the fuel cycle”

“(JHR) will provide a radiation testing environment to take forward the UK’s future nuclear R&D programmes in the development of nuclear fuels and materials”

“membership of and access to this test reactor will facilitate the development of new fuel types which are fully qualified for commercialisation. These advanced fuels could be more efficient Generation III, SMR and Generation IV fuels”