Secondee Opportunities

CEA are very keen to have secondees from the UK working at the JHR for periods of at least 6 months. Such individuals would assist with development of the experimental capabilities and programmes both in the period leading up to full operation and later during the operational phase itself. Nominations are sought for individuals in the fields of:

  • Nuclear technologies (instrumentation, innovation, manufacturing rules)
  • Reactor and fuel design (multi-disciplinary approach, loops, mock-ups)
  • Safety physics (fast transients, LOCA, severe accidents)
  • Core physics (neutronics, thermal-hydraulics, thermo-mechanics)
  • Material and fuel science (behaviour under irradiation, mechanics, corrosion)

JHR offers the opportunity for secondees to obtain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art activities in the international scientific, industrial and safety arenas, to help train new generations of engineers and scientists, to explore topics of common interest and to consolidate efforts from utilities, industry and research organisations. Experience with the Halden reactor project has shown this to be a very effective way of developing capability for the individuals concerned.

Anyone wishing to consider such a secondment opportunity should first ensure they have the backing of their company or organisation – secondees remain as employees of their UK organisation and return there after the secondment is completed. For further information contact:

Jonathan Hyde