First Experimental Programme

[Foundation for future International Jules Horowitz experimental Programs (FIJHOP)]

In 2016, during the annual NUGENIA Forum held in Marseille, France, the JHR International Consortium and the NUGENIA community initiated a common proposal for a first multilateral programme (FIJHOP). Its purpose is to gather the interested European scientific community, to bridge the scientific and technical gaps to enable JHR to provide valid and reliable data, and to strengthen the European position regarding the understanding and the prediction of fuels and materials behaviour in LWRs.

FIJHOP is therefore composed of two scientific sub-programmes, respectively FIJHOP-F and FIJHOP-M for fuels and materials. It includes a first phase to be carried out in operating European facilities (MTRs and/or hot cell laboratories) with highly instrumented experiments and a benchmark on Post-Irradiation Examination (PIE). This will lead to a second phase, outside the scope of the current project, taking advantage of JHR’s higher performance irradiations and extended instrumentation capabilities, involving irradiation process cross-qualification, benchmarking objectives and extension of current experimental databases for advanced model qualification.

The two initial FIJHOP sub-programmes are focused on:

  • A fuel experiment on power transients in BR2 (SCK.CEN)

  • A first material experiment on neutron spectrum studies on NPP internal type materials in HFR (NRG-JRC)

  • A second material experiment on a similar topic for RPV on dedicated VVER materials in LVR-15 (CVR-UJV-Rez)

  • A benchmark on PIE, involving 10 Hot Laboratories within Europe

In summary, FIJHOP is expected to:

  • Create synergies within European MTRs and hot lab networks

  • Tackle scientific gaps to enable JHR to deliver highly reliable data

  • Develop experimental tools to deal with R&D requested to address current and future irradiated material and fuel along with the development of the appropriate expertise

  • Contribute to the development and qualification of advanced models of fuel and material behaviour under irradiation

The FIJHOP programme will be split into seven Work Packages as follows:

  • WP1: Project Management (led by CEA)

  • WP2: Strategy for integrating future JHR within European MTRs network (led by EDF)

  • WP3: Simulation (led by NNL)

  • WP4: Fuel experiment (led by SCK.CEN)

  • WP5: Material experiment (led by NRG and by CVR)

  • WP6: Benchmark on material PIE (led by VTT)

  • WP7: Dissemination (led by JRC)


    The programme is expected to be 5 years duration.


    The FIJHOP proposal was submitted to the EC portal in early October 2016 (in response to the H2020 call). Unfortunately, in February 2017 we have been informed that this submission has not been successful at this time. Work is now focusing on improving the proposal in readiness for a future re-submission.