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Jules Horowitz Reactor

  • Overview

    JHR Overview

    JHR will be a 100 MWth light water MTR optimised for fuel and material testing. In summary, the capabilities of the JHR will include ...

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  • Consortium Members

    Consortium Members

    The present list of participants of the JHR consortium is as follows ...

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  • Governing Board

    Governing Board

    The JHR project is overseen by a Governing Board. This is made up of a representative from each of the consortium members ...

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  • Working Groups

    Working Groups

    Development of the experimental capabilities in JHR is being overseen by three international Working Groups, set up with the following objectives ...

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  • UK Involvement

    UK Involvement

    The House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology made a number of recommendations in its report on Nuclear R&D Capabilities in 2011, one of which was to develop a nuclear R&D 'roadmap' ...

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  • Funding


    On 12th March 2013 the UK Government announced a significant funding commitment to the construction phase of the JHR ...

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  • NNL's Role

    NNL's Role

    At the same time as the initial funding commitment was announced, the Government also announced that UK participation in the JHR programme would be led by the UK's National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL).

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  • UK Interested Parties

    UK Interested Parties

    On behalf of the UK, NNL oversees a ‘pool’ of UK interested parties who have a potential interest in benefiting from some or all of the UK Access Rights during the operation phase of the JHR Project. These are currently as follows ...

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  • UK Governance Board

    UK Governance Board

    Membership of the UK JHR Governance Board is based on the following principles ...

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  • Contacts


    For further information on any matters associated with the JHR project, please contact the following ...

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  • Secondee Opportunities

    Secondee Opportunities

    CEA are very keen to have secondees from the UK working at the JHR for periods of at least 6 months

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  • Annual Seminar

    Annual Seminar

    CEA organises an annual JHR seminar at Cadarache that is open to all consortium members ...

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  • First Experimental Programme

    First Experimental Programme

    In 2016, during the annual NUGENIA Forum held in Marseille, France, the JHR International Consortium and the NUGENIA community initiated a common proposal for a first multilateral programme ...

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Access to facilities that will provide fuel and materials test data under irradiation is an essential part of any country's nuclear reactor programme. It is acknowledged, however, that most current materials test reactors (MTRs) around the world are ageing and many are scheduled to close over the coming years.

With that in mind, a new materials test facility, the Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR), is currently under construction at the CEA's Cadarache site in the south of France with the aim of underpinning the international community's test reactor requirements well into the future. This is being built, and will be operated, within the context of an international consortium.