Wasteform Development

NNL has extensive knowledge of alkali borosilicate glass chemistry and calcine/glass reaction chemistry.

Our Service

NNL has a team of professional glass technologists, materials and laboratory technicians who carry out development work to improve the WVP vitrified product and to adapt the base glass formulation to meet new demands. Although our main focus is on borosilicate glass systems, we have also applied our knowledge to other glass melting issues with different glass formulations.

Our Facilities

Our glass technology facilities include:

  • Non-active muffle and tube furnaces which operate up to 1500°C
  • High-temperature glass viscometer
  • Small-scale inactive calciner (0.6kg/h waste oxides)
  • We also have SEM and XRD machines for product examination and analysis

Product Assessment

NNL's glass technology experts carry out process sample analysis and assessment of products generated from the Vitrification Test Rig (VTR) which we operate. Our analysis provides our customer with essential information and includes:

  • Calcine: TGA analysis, particle size
  • Glass: microscopy, density, thermal properties, leach rate testing
  • Process liquours: density, weight loss, acidity

Plant Support

NNL carries out development work to support the resolution of operational problems associated with issues arising on the high level waste vitrification plant at Sellafield. Lab scale experiments are conducted provide technical solutions to an array of plant problems.

WVP encounters changing technical demands as it progresses through its life cycle. NNL continues to maintain a capability that can carry out both active and non-active experimental work to support these changing demands.


Email: customers@nnl.co.uk