Vitrification Test Rig

NNL houses the Vitrification Test Rig (VTR) - a full scale replica of the core of the Waste Vitrification Plant (WVP) process. This includes calcination, glass production and primary off-gas system.

Our Service

NNL has a full-time, professional team who manage an ongoing experimental programme of work on the VTR to underpin improvements to the vitrification process operated on the Sellafield site.

We provide project management, experimental design, operations and care and maintenance on the VTR. The rig generates process samples, calcine and glass products and operating data which, when analysed and assessed, enable production of technical reports and memoranda which in turn help our customer make improvements to the Waste Vitrification Plant. In addition, NNL provides experts to assist with the implementation of these improvements on the active plants, providing a smooth transition from research to implementation.


NNL's VTR team have completed 12 significant operational campaigns since 2004, continues to support WVP and is projected to continue that support into the foreseeable future.

A combination of NNL's facility and our expertise has proven extremely valuable in improving plant operations, supporting resolution of operational difficulties and expanding the product specification envelope to enable previously non-conforming products to be taken off the container action schedule.

NNL will continue to operate the VTR to support the operational plant through the latter stages of its life cycle, including POCO and decommissioning.

Changes in our customers' reprocessing strategies provide a constant stream of challenges for which NNL and the VTR can provide excellent technical solutions.



Vitrification Test Rig