Waste Immobilisation Process Development

NNL has over 25 years' experience providing a waste immobilisation development service. We developed the first industrial ILW encapsulation processes in the world and these are now used around the globe.

Based at our Workington Rig Hall facility and at our Central Laboratory on the Sellafield site, we currently offer services to customers in both cement-based encapsulation processes and high temperature processes. The latter uses hot isostatic pressing to produce ceramic, glass-ceramic and metal encapsulated waste forms.

Our Service

  • Engineering design services with over 25 years' experience of developing waste immobilisation processes
  • Full scale rig operations offering a wide range of options including grouting, in-drum mixing, hot isostatic pressing, direct encapsulation mixing as well as completely bespoke rigs tailored to individual customers' requirements
  • Development of active pilot plant trials at our active facility in the Central Laboratory
  • Support through commissioning and plant operations at customer locations

Benefits of Our Service

  • We furnish customers with a detailed understanding of the behaviour of a wide range of process wastes, providing essential information on how to deal with the wastes
  • Our peoples' expertise is supported by well-equipped materials testing labs (both active and non-active) and large-scale rig facilities
  • NNL has exceptional knowledge and experience of the regulatory systems for the approval of waste encapsulation


Email: customers@nnl.co.uk