Cement and Concretes

NNL has more than 25 years' experience providing a testing and advisory service on the performance of cement-based products including the quality of raw materials, control of the mixing processes and environmental conditions.

Cements and concretes play an important role throughout nuclear industry operations including construction, waste immobilisation and in-situ stabilisation during decommissioning. NNL's service gives customers confidence that they are using the right product for the right job.

Our Service

NNL's team of leading specialists in cement production and chemistry have access to outstanding laboratories for materials testing - including active laboratories. Our full range of services include:

  • Powder supply management. NNL is responsible for the maintenance of materials specifications for cement powders used for waste encapsulation by the UK nuclear industry. As such, we are able to confidently offer quality testing and trend analysis services backed by significant experience
  • Our process and product performance testing service offers customers trial mixing and testing of grouts and other products to support active plant operations
  • Our concrete testing service supports customers with operational facilities and decommissioning projects. We are able to test core samples
  • Our testing methods include fineness, particle sizing, mix rheology and calorimetry, setting, compressive and tensile strength development, dimensional stability, corrosion testing, thermal analysis, mineralogy (by X-Ray Diffractometry), elemental analysis (by X-Ray Fluorescence), microscopy (both electron and optical) and a range of chemical tests of in-service cement and concrete samples

Benefits of Our Service

Our specialist team is dedicated to serving the cement and concrete testing needs of our customers in the nuclear industry. We have extensive experience and outstanding facilities ensuring that our customers receive a professional and valuable service.


Email: customers@nnl.co.uk 

Concretes and Cements