Decontamination Modelling

NNL helps customers to understand the mechanisms of steel contamination by radionuclides in order to assist targeted decontamination techniques.

Our Service

NNL has developed a modelling capability employing molecular and quantum mechanical techniques to investigate the strength of binding of radionuclides to substrates. By applying these techniques, NNL was able to provide the customer with a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of how radionuclides contaminate iron-oxides formed on aged steel. This provided invaluable data to help inform decisions about the most effective decontamination technique.


Cost savings and operational benefits included:

  • Reduced sampling of plant and components
  • No wasted effort - right first time, targeted decontamination
  • Potential reduction in effluent volumes
  • Reduction in downstream processing requirements, e.g. encapsulation
  • Potential to improve decontamination and re-categorise waste

Safety benefits included:

  • Reduced operator dose uptake
  • Reduced sampling
  • Improved efficiency and time savings