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Laboratory Fellows

Prof. Nick Smith has been NNL Fellow in geocharacterisation and remote laser and quantum sensing since 2014 and is also Technology Manager in geology, GIS, laser sensing and 3D visualisation within NNL’s Environmental Characterisation Team.  He completed a prestigious Royal Society Industry Fellowship between 2013 and 2017 in remote laser characterisation in extreme nuclear environments which involved spending 50% of his time at the University of Manchester where he holds a Visiting Professorship (within the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering). Nick has a degree in geology and a PhD in structural geology and basin dynamics both from Keele University, and an MSc in geographical information science from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Nick’s research interests include structural geology and basin analysis, sedimentology and stratigraphy; bedrock and superficial geology of nuclear infrastructure; digital geological interpretation and modelling using remote laser sensing; and high resolution characterisation for radioactive waste management and nuclear decommissioning using photonics and quantum technologies. All of these areas have provided subject matter for Nick’s extensive portfolio of published journal articles and conference papers, many of which are the result of collaborations with academia (including a number of universities and UK research centres such as the British Geological Survey).

Nick’s NNL Fellowship activities have focused on helping to shape the communication of NNL’s science and technology. He has coordinated NNL’s Publication Awards since their inception, helping to introduce the BEST and Chief Scientist’s Awards. He defined and produced NNL’s S&T Communication Plan in support of the NNL S&T Strategy, and is currently leading NNL Fellowship activities in the ‘sci-comm’ area.