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Laboratory Fellows


Nassia holds an MBA, an MSc in Energy Systems and the Environment and an MPhys in Laser and Molecular Physics. Her main area of expertise is graphite technology with a key focus on research and development. She has more than 15 years’ experience in the wider energy industry, of which 12 were spent working on nuclear graphite. Nassia has made significant contributions developing measurement techniques for Magnox and AGR graphite samples, managing graphite monitoring campaigns and core safety case reviews.

Key Areas of Expertise

Nassia began her career with British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL) at Berkeley, working on whole core modelling in the Graphite Technology team. She expanded her areas of expertise to materials properties and the effects of irradiation and radiolytic oxidation on graphite. Nassia has led the development of a micro mechanistic model of graphite irradiation behaviour and contributed to the IAEA Collaborative Research Programme on Irradiation Creep in Graphite.

In addition to nuclear graphite in operating reactors, Nassia has further developed her expertise in issues relating to graphite waste management. She initiated collaborative research to understand C14 formation and behaviour in graphite cores under the NNL strategic research programme. Nassia has made a significant contribution to the IAEA Collaborative Research Programme on Treatment of Irradiated Graphite and is currently contributing to the IAEA project on irradiated GRAphite Processing Approaches (GRA-PA).

Key Achievements

Nassia is a Chartered Physicist (IoP) and a Chartered Engineer (EC). She is a member of the British Carbon Group committee and the chair of the Physical Properties session of the ASTM committee on Manufactured Carbons and Graphites. She has won the ASTM Appreciation Award and the highly regarded ASTM President’s Leadership Award. Nassia has led more than 100 internal reports and has co-authored more than 20 publications.