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Laboratory Fellows

Mark is a NNL Laboratory Fellow specialising in actinide chemistry with over 16 years’ experience. With expertise in reprocessing chemistry, he supports the Thorp and Magnox reprocessing plants at Sellafield and provides support to the NDA on options for dealing with the UK plutonium stockpile. Mark is the NNL technical lead on a European Space Agency project that defined the AMPPEX process, used to separate americium from aged plutonium dioxide, leading to the concept design of a 241Am production facility. Mark leads work within European Union FPVII funded projects and is currently a work package leader for the Government funded Nuclear Innovation Programme on advanced reprocessing options. He delivers lecture courses on the reprocessing of nuclear fuel to IAEA and UK MoD staff and is the founder and editor of the NNL Science journal. He has strong links with the University of Manchester where he is a visiting research fellow. Mark has over 45 peer reviewed journal papers and a book chapter. He is the inaugural winner of the NNL BEST award for best journal publication on the Raman spectroscopy of plutonium dioxide.

Key publications

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