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Laboratory Fellows

Luke O’Brien, Effluents and Environmental Chemistry Business Manager, is a Visiting Scientist for the School of Chemistry at the University of Manchester.

Luke is seeking to understand the association of radioactivity with components in nuclear waste (with Professor Livens and Nick Bryan) and the subsequent relationship with effluents produced during waste storage and retrievals. Linked with this, Luke is also looking at the role of microbial processes in effluent systems (with Prof Jon LloydUniversity of Manchester). Assessment of effluent technology (chemical precipitation, ion exchange, filtration, etc) is supported through links with Clint Sharrad (Research Centre for Radwaste and Decommissioning) and involvement with the Sellafield Limited Centre of Expertise for Effluent Technology.

Luke’s team is playing an active role in the supervision of a variety of sponsored PhDs (e.g. NDA and SL)