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Laboratory Fellows

David's career in nuclear research has spanned across many areas, including research on the thermo-hydraulic behaviour of AGR fuel, safety assessment, safety and environmental management of PIE facilities, corporate nuclear safety management and business assurance before moving into full time leadership of work on the management of spent fuel. Throughout this time the management and behaviour irradiated fuel has been a constant source of interest and attention.  

David has a thorough understanding of the many complex behaviours of uranium metal and uranium oxides fuels and has worked closely with people in many other disciplines to continually improve this understanding to help ensure their safe long term management and their eventual safe disposal. Over recent years he has also developed expertise in fuel behaviour in repository conditions. David is leading the development of capabilities that will enable us to provide modelling and experimental support for the development of a UK Geological Disposal Facility and engagement with international research community working on spent fuel behaviour. He has played an important role in the development of the vented interim storage option for metallic fuel that is being implemented by Sellafield Limited and in building a robust case for safe long term storage of AGR fuel posts reprocessing.

David is currently the chairman of the IAEA co-ordinated research project on management of forum and degraded fuel and is a member of the ASTM C26 committee.

Selected key publications

  • Hambley, D. Storage of thermal reactor fuels – Implications for the back end of the fuel cycle in the UK, EPJ Nuclear Sci. Technol. 2, 21 (2016).
  • Hambley, D. Lessons Learned from a Review of International Approaches to Spent Fuel Management. EPJ Nuclear Sci. Technol. 2, 26 (2016).
  • Anwyl, C, Boxall, C, Willbraham, R, Hambley, D and Padovani, C. Corrosion of AGR fuel pin steel under conditions relevant to permanent disposal. Procedia Chemistry 21(2016) 247-254.
  • Howett, E., Boxall, C. and Hambley, D. (2016) ‘AGR Cladding Corrosion: Investigation of the Effect of Temperature on Unsensitized Stainless Steel’, MRS Advances, , pp. 1–6. doi: 10.1557/adv.2016.651.